Mud Run Classes & Rules





Tech and Sign up from 5p.m. to 6:30p.m.

Drivers meeting at 6:45p.m.

Runs start at 7p.m.



1.            4 Wheel Drive 8CYL Driven to track Max 400HP

2.            4 Wheel Drive 4&6CYL Driven to track Max 300HP

3.            2 Wheel Drive 8CYL Driven to track Max 400HP

4.            3 Wheel Drive 4&6CYL Driven to track Max 300HP

5.            Rail Buggies

6.            Diesels Driven to Track

7.            4 Wheel Drive Open

8.            2 Wheel Drive Open

9.            Open Dash for cash to all driven to the track classes

10.                     Mens foot run, must wear shoes, cash prize

11.                     Womens foot run, must wear shoes, cash prize

12.                     Open Dash for Cash – anything goes – timed pass

13.                     Jeeps, SUV’s, Trucks driven to track

14.                     Truggy Rock Crawlers

15.                     Side by Side Utility ATV

16.                     4 Wheel Drive ATV 400 Above 2 & 4 Stroke

17.                     4 Wheel Drive ATV 400 Below 2 & 4 Stroke

18.                     2 Wheel Drive ATV 400 Above

19.                     2 Wheel Drive ATV 400 Below 2 & 4 Stroke





1.                             NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED – ZERO TOLLERANCE

2.                            All drivers must sign release form

3.                            Drivers 17 years or younger must have parent or guardian release form signed

4.                            All drivers must operate in safe manner to and from pit. 5mph max speed.  If caught exceeding speed limit or driving unsafe, driver will be asked to leave without refund

5.                            If any driver causes damage to Wolfe Bros. equipment they will be held liable for damages

6.                           Vehicle must stop immediately upon signal of flag from flagman

7.                           All vehicles must be equipped with safe tow points (hitch, receiver, or some kind of tow point)

8.                           Driver or pit crew is responsible for attaching the pull out cable

9.                           Maximum of 2 registrations per vehicle

10.                       Helmet required in all open classes except street dash

11.                       You may have to show proof of registration on any driven to track classes

12.                       If vehicle leaves the course or drives on side berm it will be disqualified

13.                       No nitrous, turbo, or blowers allowed on driven to track classes except open dash

14.                       DOT approved tires with no modifications allowed in driven to track classes

15.                       In case of no full run we will mark center of the front axle as the farthest run

16.                       Entries $10 for atv classes $20 for all others

17.                       Payouts 90%

18.                       1 to 4 in class first place only payout

19.                       5 to 9 in class first place = 60% second place = 40%

20.                       10 or more in class first place = 50% second place = 30% third place = 20%

21.                       Vehicle with fastest pass in first round does not have to make another pass unless


22.                       Most importantly – Be safe and have fun